State Of The Wedding Industry

Good-TimesAs a Columbus Ohio DJ, I have assisted hundreds of clients in making their weddings, parties and celebratory events come to life.  I would be honored to DJ your event!


Spend on engagement rings peaked in 2017! Couples are shelling out an average of $6,351 on their bling; representing a 24.7% increase since 2011. Couples are sharing a residence longer and the average age of today’s bride is 29 and 31 for grooms. Household incomes are on the rise and couples want to be more established financially and professionally before they exchange vows. What’s in a stone reigns supreme as cut, setting and quality are of paramount importance.

Ohio Marriage License Requirements

-Per Ohio law, both applicants must appear in the Probate Court to secure their marriage license.  This process may be expedited if the application is initiated online.

-Valid photo ID’s must be provided and applicants should know their social security numbers.

-Applicants must affirm or swear that all information provided is true and complete.

-For Ohio residents, a license must be secured in the county where each applicant resides.

-Out of state applicants planning an Ohio wedding must secure a license in the county where vows will be exchanged.

-To solemnize a marriage, one must be licensed or ordained.

-The license fee is $65 and is valid for a period of 60 days from its issue date.


The Top 5 Trends in Wedding Venues

  1. Image & aesthetics. 48% of couples rank scenery and backdrop as a top must have.

  2. Willingness to spend more to customize. Spend from 2015-2016 increased by $1,300 as couples show less concern to work within a budget.

  3. Drinks & Spirits. Premium & full-service bars are in demand while cash bars are on the decline with the rise of signature cocktails which are all the rage.

  4. Venues that offer both indoor and outdoor space. Semi-casual weddings are increasingly preferred over traditional black tie affairs.

  5. Seeing it is believing it. Couples want to see pictures of recent weddings in their chosen location.

Volume etiquette at a wedding: How loud is too loud?

The volume of the music during a wedding should fluctuate with the ebb and flow of events throughout the celebration.  For example, during cocktail hour and dinner, volume should be set at a conversational level.  If guests are observed to be leaning in close to converse or distancing themselves from the source of sound to hold a conversation, the volume of the music is too loud.  On the flip side, when the energy on the dance floor peaks, the decibel level naturally rises to harness that energy.  Even during dancing, guests may still perceive the music as too loud.  In an effort to create a pleasing experience on the dance floor, it is imperative to pay close attention to guest responses to volume levels and adjust as necessary.  A responsible, attentive and respectful DJ is more likely to please the masses.

Looking for an outdoor setting to host both your wedding ceremony and reception?  The Taylor Mansion in Columbus, Ohio may just fit the bill.

I call it a “Diamond In The Rough” located at 1400 E. Broad St.  The mansion was constructed in the mid 1800’s and although it has been restored, it boasts unique architecture from the era.  Offering picturesque gardens, a large covered outdoor pavilion for dining and dancing that accommodates up to 300 guests and a carriage house, are just a few gems that make this property special.  Seeing is believing and with your personal touches, there are no limits to the imagination as to how this setting can look on your wedding day.

With the arrival of 2018, couples are embracing the idea of personalizing their wedding day by offering Themed Food & Drink Displays for their guests.

Trending in 2018 is the “After Party” or extended celebration after the reception ends.  Some couples want to WOW their guests late into the evening or early morning hours and a post-reception party gets the job done.  The “After Party” usually occurs at an alternate location and during warm weather months, a rooftop party is as cool as it gets.  Not pictured here, Juniper in Columbus, Ohio is a great option.