It has become the standard that upon arrival to the reception site, guests sign a book to represent their attendance at the reception.  At the conclusion of the reception, chances are good that these books end up on a shelf in a closet or in a box, rarely, if ever, to be revisited.   Consider ushering in a keepsake that can be displayed in your home.  How about having guests sign a unique puzzle that may be displayed on a wall in your home.  If you are a musician and play the guitar, purchase an inexpensive acoustic and have guests sign the face of the guitar which also may be displayed on a wall.  Have a professional construct a silhouette of the two of you which guests may sign.  For the tech savvy, how about using Instagram on your wedding day whereby guests may write notes, submit and even print them off at a later date.  Make it memorable, make it fun, make it you.