Believe it or not, your wedding DJ has much to do with the quality of photos at your wedding. Sound Advice From A Columbus Ohio Wedding DJ

A great wedding photographer will no doubt be skilled at capturing the best shots at your wedding reception, but even the most talented cannot photo shop authentic smiles, dancing and elation present in those photos taken when a great DJ is at the helm.  Below, I will lay out the importance of the bond/relationship between your photographer and DJ that naturally default to photographs you will cherish forever.

Simply stated, a wedding is one of the most celebrated occasions of our lives and although hosting a large, elaborate and expensive wedding celebration isn’t necessary, most couples desire to celebrate in some manner with their friends and family members.  If a fun celebration with dancing is your end goal, the two most important vendors will be your DJ and Photographer who will capture the fun in photographs.  I don’t mean to undermine the importance of the other very important vendors involved in your day as it has always been my conviction that all of the vendors involved in your wedding celebration are a team of professionals whose job it is to work in harmony on your behalf to facilitate a fun and memorable celebration.  I have worked with many talented caterers, cake decorators florists and more and highly value their contribution.  Fancy ice sculptures and amazing décor are no doubt attractive and do add to the experience, but a great DJ who is also a great Emcee will take your celebration to the next level and create great photographic opportunities for your wedding photographer.

An amazing wedding DJ plays all the right beats at the right moments, makes no mistakes and if one is made, it is covered in such a manner that only the DJ is aware.  A great DJ places much integrity in their gear, brings backups to their events and is fully immersed in the music and the event from start to finish with one goal in mind; to create an unforgettable dance experience.  The Emcee, which is often the DJ as well, works hard behind the scenes prior to your event to ensure all of your desires are executed according to plan the day of your celebration.  As your DJ and Emcee, I not only become an extension of my clients in the planning process, I make all of the important announcements and ensure all key people are in position for important formalities to include the grand introductions of the wedding party.  In a nutshell, I am in charge of informing your guests when something will take place and do so in a fun and professional manner while captivating their attention.

So, back to the point of this article.  What does this have to do with wedding photography?  Plenty.  If you retain a great wedding photographer, he or she will work tirelessly and employ all of their creative energy and combine that with their technical skills to get the best shots of the Bride and Groom and all elements of the event… but, here’s the kicker, if your guests are not having a great time, smiling, laughing and dancing, their photos will suffer and look staged.  If this should occur, it is almost always the fault of the DJ.  If you have invested well in your venue, food, alcohol, flowers, etc…… it’s fair to say you want your guests to have a great time.  This said, entertainment should be high on your priority list.  If you wish to encapsulate those memories that will be created at your wedding, you must invest in a highly respected wedding photographer.  All along, the relationship you build with your vendors is crucial.  Geographically, I have heard of some DJ’s that charge up to $5,000 for a wedding, yet the affair didn’t reflect that investment.  You want a DJ whom you feel comfortable with and one who you feel will relate well with your guests.

At the close of your event, if you hired a great DJ, you and your guests will be talking about the fun they had for a long time and if you’re retained a great photographer you will have a permanent record of the magic that occurred on your day.