When a couple is in the quest for their wedding entertainment, there are decisions to be made; for example, a live band or a DJ. Below, I will attempt to lay out an unbiased set of points to assist you with the entertainment dilemma. There are benefits to both, but I want to arm you with some information to assist you in this important decision for your big day.

Your Wedding Ceremony:

ADVANTAGES: Bands may provide live versions of songs a couple has hand-picked, or perhaps a theme the band aligns itself with. It is an elegant presentation to have a live violinist, guitarist, harpist or string quartet perform at your ceremony with the added bonus of a WOW Factor.

POINT TO PONDER: If you are having a church wedding that is not equipped with a sound system, you will need someone to mic your officiant and accommodate the music and formalities for your ceremony. When I consult with my wedding clients, I frequently hear that they were unable to hear the vows during wedding ceremonies they have attended. If you go the band route and they agree to run sound for your ceremony, ensure that they remain present to monitor the sound throughout your ceremony. For those who speak softly, you will need someone at the helm to adjust volumes as necessary, throughout the ceremony. Additionally, I provide my wedding clients with a wedding ceremony planning tool that includes the name of the officiant and all of the elements for your ceremony to include Prelude music, the Bridal Processional and Recessional. If you will be incorporating readings or a Sand Ceremony, I will manage this for you as well and will personally coordinate the ceremony with your officiant and assist him or her with the microphone. As for cost to accommodate sound for your ceremony, a DJ will most likely be much more nominal than what a band will charge. Space must also be taken into consideration and bands may have multiple members with a much larger space requirement and may require several power sources while a DJ will need to draw from only one power source.

Most musicians read sheet music while playing with gaps of silence in between songs. With a DJ, there are no gaps in the music and with the much more limited amount of space they require, they will have a much more minimal presence at your ceremony. Another very important point to ponder is that if you are considering a band, you will most likely want to hear them beforehand to assist you with the Band v. DJ Dilemma. A DJ utilizes pre-recorded music and if they are experienced with ceremonies and have equipment with integrity, all will sound great.

Cocktails & The Dinner Set:

Advantages: A band can have a formidable presence and may be multi-faceted all while energizing your wedding reception. An experienced DJ can bring the WOW Factor as well, all while playing great music. THINGS TO CONSIDER: The band you choose may be flawless with what they play, but their style is constant for the most part and there are limits to what they can play. If you should desire a sudden shift in style or feel, this may be difficult for a band. A band will likely arrive with a fixed set which may be difficult to divert from and the expense can be cost prohibitive, depending on the band and the number of members, each of whom will be compensated for both their talent and time. Experienced DJ’s plan music sets with their wedding clients and can adjust on the fly with a change in theme, tempo, genre, etc…… A DJ can accommodate music to please all in attendance and will make a valiant effort to make your event all accommodating in an effort to please guests of all ages. There are no silence gaps with DJ’s and transitions go unnoticed. Since most DJ’s play from laptops, they are free to leave their station if necessary to assist where needed and to meet with the bridal party in an effort to keep your event on point. Although bands may very well emcee your wedding, a less expensive band may not be well versed in the emcee process and in helping to create an interactive experience as is a professional wedding DJ. In the event your band does not have its own sound tech, controlling volume may be difficult as where a DJ can adjust volume on the fly for those tracks that are recorded at different levels. A good DJ is always in touch with volume and will work to ensure levels are set accordingly for the different facets of your wedding. If you plan to feed the entertainment your lone DJ/EMCEE will consume only one meal as opposed to several or more for the band.

Dancing Music: DJ or Band???
A great band can bring down the house and create energy. Ditto for a great DJ. An outstanding wedding band can run in the range from $4,000 to $15,000 while a great DJ may cost between $650 and $1,000 depending on the time frame and additional options you require. If you require all styles of music for the dancing portion of your reception, you may be limiting yourself with a band while a DJ can accommodate any genre to include your faves from days-gone-by to top 40. If you’re considering going with a DJ, I recommend you schedule a consultation to get acquainted and to establish what I call a GOOD FIT FACTOR. After all, your DJ will be the one with their pulse on your special day and you want to ensure your DJ has the personality and skills to please both you and your guests. You should also interview a band you are considering to ensure they have the emcee abilities you require and how involved they will be in orchestrating your wedding. You should also arrange to see them in action ahead of schedule to determine the GOOD FIT FACTOR.

As you now see, there are a multitude of things to consider when pondering the DJ v. Band Dilemma. I don’t compete with bands and in fact, have enjoyed working shotgun with a band, sharing the entertainment. Base your decision on what will make your wedding fun, stress free and memorable. Millennium Mobile DJ wishes you the best for your wedding and a beautiful future.