Essential Music for Your Reception

After the cocktail hour comes to a close and it’s time to launch the celebration, open with great songs that will naturally put your guests in a great mood.  Setting the right mood from the start will set the stage for a fun & memorable event.

Dinner Music

An experienced DJ or Entertainment Director will possess the knowledge to vary music during dinner and will plan accordingly with the bride and groom to ensure their preferences are accommodated into the mix.  Standards are always a good choice and the music played during dinner should be relaxing, enjoyable and fit the mood the newlyweds wish to convey.


First Dance

The flagship event at most wedding receptions is the bride and groom’s first dance.  Typically following the grand introduction of the wedding party or perhaps after dinner, the bride and groom will share an intimate dance alone and your song should reflect how you feel about one another.  I have also observed couples begin their first dance will a slow balled and suddenly break out a pair of dark sunglasses and change it up to Corey Harts “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” or an AC/DC balled.  It’s your night!  Make it special.


Father Daughter Dance

If you share a special bond with your father, select a song that reflects that bond.  Although your father may not show or admit it, his dance with you on your wedding day is a highly emotional event for him as he has just given his little girl away.  I frequently advise my clients to approach their fathers for a song preference as this takes pressure off of you and extends respect to your father in selecting this very important song.