Targeting wedding reception music that is fun to dance to will promote a celebratory atmosphere and help to ensure the celebration is fun and memorable for all of your guests.  As you craft your list of party songs, keep at the epicenter, the tone for your wedding and what music will best accompany it.

Fun Defined

Without question, you have a cache of songs you consider fun, but, your guests may not share your tastes.  As you develop your playlist, keep in mind….

Timing– Not every facet of your reception will be conducive to an upbeat party song.  Clearly, the bridal party grand entrance, garter & bouquet tosses, etc…  will be high energy and upbeat, while the  formal dances are generally slower, depending on a couples preferences.

Attendees– The age ranges and music preferences of your guests will most likely vary immensely and selecting fun songs that are familiar to all will be key in driving your guests to the dance floor.  Kicking things off with some fun oldies early in the evening for grandparents and older guests will ensure their involvement in the dancing while graduating through each decades’ best to the music trending now will help to ensure all your guests have a great time.

Involvement– The goal of choosing the right mix of music is to get your guests on the dance floor for a good time, however, guests who typically do not dance should not be made to feel they must.  Although you and your DJ can encourage all to dance, refrain from singling out those guests who prefer to stand on the sidelines.  Wedding DJ Columbus Ohio.