Guest Requests At Weddings: Sound Advice From A Columbus Ohio Wedding DJ

Guest requests at a wedding have been a discussion point with every wedding client I’ve ever had.  I have learned a great deal during my tenure of 18 years as a professional wedding DJ in Columbus, Ohio and will share definitively that when guests at a wedding are at liberty to request the songs they love, the celebration will be much more lively.  Typically, after the dancing gets underway, I get a lot of ladies standing shotgun requesting songs that they believe will get the Bride and all of her gal pals on the dance floor.  In the event this is true, I don’t need to work as hard to figure out what guests will respond to as your guests will be much more engaged when they have some investment in the music selections.

On the contrary, there are, at times, guests who approach me and request a song that quite frankly, will result in a desolate dance floor in a New York minute.  I’ve also experienced moments whereby, the energy will be intense and the dance floor packed, when, out of the blue, someone has approached me to request that I play “Close To You” by the Carpenters for the next song.  Clearly, that individual had no experience as a DJ. It is a great song for a slow set and in that instance, I banked the song to throw on at a later point in the evening.  As a standing rule, I won’t spin a song that does not fit the mood, energy or moment, but, will wait for the opportune time. Should the bride and groom request that a particular song be played next, I am quick to accommodate, as the celebration is about them and I bend over backwards to make them happy. I am always very courteous to guests and on most occasions, they suggest good songs.  If a guest will not let up about wanting me to spin a particular song I know will not fit, I will politely discuss with them why it won’t work and remind them that it is the bride and groom’s wedding day and that I am spinning music they want to hear.  With my vast experience, having DJ’d over 500 weddings, I have encountered many different types of personalities and when alcohol is part of the equation, I have had to deal with arrogant and demanding guests from time to time. I do not allow people to run over me or prescribe the genre of music at your event, but rather, lay out a fine balance of infusing the bride and groom’s music preferences and guest requests with my experience and talent for packing your dance floor while allowing your guests to have some interaction and input that will keep them in their dancing shoes.

On occasion, my clients will approach their guests ahead of time to procure their music preferences and blend them in with their own. A great idea as it helps facilitate an all encompassing dance experience.  This said and by all means, allow your guests to make requests beforehand and during the reception and give your DJ the freedom to man the wheel and make the final decision as to what should get played.