How Does Millennium Mobile DJ Distinguish Itself From Other DJ Companies?

When you’re looking for your wedding DJ in Columbus, Ohio, do you know what sets each DJ and company apart except for pricing? I’d like to assist by offering some key points to aid you in what to look for and really get acquainted with your DJ so you can feel confident you have secured the right person for your special day.
Who will DJ your wedding or event?
Some DJ companies in Central Ohio will have arranged for you to speak with a salesperson who will brief you about the company and the services they offer, including pricing. They’ll gather some basic information about you and your entertainment needs, then assign your event to a DJ they feel best fits the bill. With these companies, commonly referred to as multi-ops (a DJ company with many DJ’s on staff who sub-contract), you’re not speaking with the person who will be planning and organizing your event with you. With some of these multi-ops, your DJ may not even be assigned to you until a week or two prior to your event. As hard as it is to believe, some companies will collect money from you up front, thank you for your business in an email and inform you that your DJ will be in touch with you closer to your event date. This may be perceived as automated and impersonal and create difficulty in establishing rapport and building a relationship with the DJ who will assume much responsibility for your special day. With a multi-op, you don’t get to hand-pick your DJ and will not be privy to some of the key factors that make for a great DJ/Emcee. You will not know if they have good etiquette on the microphone or if they are in tune with all of the intimate details you have planned for your special day. You want answers to these questions well ahead of your wedding day, not two weeks or several days prior to your Big Day.
At Millennium Mobile DJ, I will be your DJ and will become an extension of you in the planning process. We will really get to know one another and work in harmony throughout the planning process to ensure all of the very important elements for your wedding or event are executed accordingly. I have developed friendships with some of my former clients, have been to some of their homes and even workout with a former client on occasion. I even once overheard a guest at a wedding ask the bride & groom how long they have known me, believing my clients may have hired a friend since I have invested the time and effort to build rapport with them, become familiar with their guests of honor and interact so pleasantly with their immediate family members and friends. For me, it’s more than just the music; I strive to assist my clients in telling their story and build a relationship. This demonstrates professionalism and something bigger than just being about a business model and making money. I take great pride in getting to know my clients and crafting a unique and personal outcome for all. Leaving all to chance concerning who will be your DJ is not my style and I look forward to having the privilege of knowing my clients, their families and friends.
How will you communicate with your DJ?
I communicate very promptly with all of my clients and am very easy to get in touch with. Up front, you will have my direct business line, and email address if you have questions and/or need assistance of any kind. I also keep the lines of communication open with the other valuable vendors you have selected for your special day as we are a team whose goal it is to work in harmony on your behalf. I have personally received much praise concerning my due diligence and promptness in returning calls and email queries. In fact, my clients are so important to me, I have received light criticism from my wife for taking calls on holidays and late at night. As a client of mine, you are a priority, period!
I check my email multiple times during the day and even when on vacation, after all, who isn’t always connected these days.

How do you ensure all important wedding information, song preferences and all pertinent information are received?
I use a customizable data collection form available on my website for both your wedding ceremony and reception. These tools will aide you in the planning process and I am always pleasantly pleased when my clients inform me of how helpful these tools are as they simplify the planning process and bring things to mind they otherwise would not have thought of. These tools put you in the driver’s seat in regard to the music and all important formalities for your wedding. The reception planning tool also has room for your “must Plays” and “do not plays” and a page whereby you may numerically rank the order of events for your wedding reception. My website is mobile friendly and will display easily on all mobile devices. Additionally, I send each of my clients the “Top 200 Songs For Your Wedding” which has earned many accolades. Given the mobile friendly nature of my website, you may plan from any mobile device wherever you happen to be. A former client of mine once shared with me that he and his fiancé (at the time) completed my wedding reception planner on their iPad while sitting on a beach vacationing.
These represent just a few ways as to how I stand out from many of my competitors in Central Ohio. In my humble opinion, a flagship event demands great entertainment which in turn requires great communication with your DJ from inception to close. I will assist you with all of your planning to the extent you require and will personally be the one who performs at your event. You should be able to place complete trust in your DJ not only for the job they are being paid to do, but also because of the relationship we have established and it is my goal to please both you and your guests. I am fully invested in my clients and when the final song signifies the close of a great event, my goal is to have earned the honor to be your DJ choice for life. I hope you have found this information beneficial and realize the extent I go to ensure the planning is stress free and that you’re confident with me at the helm.