In The Market For A Wedding DJ? Don’t Be Fooled By Demo Videos. Sound Advice From A Columbus Ohio Wedding DJ

I have been very fortunate to have earned a tremendous reputation as a highly referred, trusted and respected Wedding DJ in Columbus, Ohio and 2015 is going to be another spectacular year.  I have discovered that my clients who book with me (over 90% of those who meet with me the first time) retain my services for their wedding because they trust my experience, are comfortable with me and believe I will be a great fit for their wedding.  I recently received an email inquiry from a prospective client asking for video samples from some of the weddings for which I was the DJ and I saw this as an opportunity to address this in an article.  To begin with, demo videos and mixes are great marketing tools and some companies utilize them exclusively as a selling mechanism.  Personally, I have a different spin on the matter.  When I reflect on my 17 years of experience as a Wedding DJ, it’s a difficult vision to encapsulate that lengthy career into a 1-minute video.  Additionally, it is extremely difficult to secure video of my work from former clients or their videographer.  You see, videographers are not hired with the DJ in mind so any video I might be able to secure is typically not what I would want for a demo video and I can’t imagine paying a videographer a large sum of money to shoot a video of me DJing.  I’ve never done so and am always booked to capacity. Given this, what do you do to ensure you are hiring the right DJ if you can’t see their work in advance?  My suggestion is if at all possible, you should arrange to meet with me in person or at the very least, schedule a SKYPE chat.  After all, I am the one wedding vendor that all of your guests will see, hear and recall from your wedding and hopefully for all of the right reasons. Given the importance of your wedding, if you are willing to set aside an hour to meet with me, come prepared with questions and take in my education and experience concerning the lengths I will go to in an effort to create a spectacular and worry-free wedding reception entertainment experience, you should be able to see the passion I have for my work.  At the close of our consultation, you’ll also have a much better idea as to whether I am the DJ you want to work with and have interacting with your guests on what will be billed as the biggest day of your life!

What’s next?  You should have access to reviews from former clients both online and in hardcopy and plenty of them.  If you happen to meet with a DJ who has no reviews or only a handful, ask him or her to provide you with the names of several former clients for which you may call.  It is also a good idea to ask your other vendors if they are familiar with the DJ and/or have experience in working with them.  If the DJ’s name surfaces in conversations or you observe them in marketing materials from other vendors in the wedding industry, this suggests that your DJ is a fixture in the wedding DJ industry in the community for which they reside. Trust in me when I say the wedding industry is a tight knit group of professionals and the best and most passionate vendors tend to rise to the top while the mediocre vendors struggle to get work.  Referrals are a huge eye opener that you’re on the right path when looking for your wedding vendor.  Take the time to carefully comb through the DJ’s website and bio to assess if they are deemed worthy of meeting in person, then, schedule a consultation with the DJ.  I have written many wedding articles for you to review on my articles page on my website.

So you ask, why aren’t demo videos beneficial during the DJ selection process? Answer: Assume I provide you with a mix/demo of a wedding for which I was the performer and there was a lot of techno or rap in the mix because that was the preferred music for my client…if you dislike these genres, I have little chance of being hired as you may be inclined to believe this is standard fare at my events. A wedding reception is not a cookie cutter affair and each one is different and unique in its own right.  I plan accordingly with each of my special wedding clients and therefore, no two weddings are the same and neither is the music.  As your DJ, I need to be creative, mix up the music, order of genres and be able to explain what I can do to facilitate a fun and unique entertainment experience.

One final note about video demos.  They very much relate to a request by a prospective client to stop by one of my weddings to see me in action. Personally, I find this to be very inappropriate  and this begs the question (would you want strangers to crash your wedding?).  I think not.  I will spend the time with you during the interview process and share in great detail what I can and cannot do as your DJ and Emcee.  This should hold true for any vendor you are interviewing as your wedding day is not only one of the costliest investments of your life, it is also one of the most celebrated events. Don’t be swayed or conned by a video demo as it cannot begin to capture what your celebration will look like.  All my best as you secure your vendors and a big congratulations on your upcoming wedding!