It’s All About The Spin


Your wedding will be etched in your memory forever. The celebration following should be unforgettable as well. Much effort is invested into composing the guest list, finding the venue, choosing attire and crafting the perfect cuisine for your guests. The same investment should be leveraged on your music play list as well.
Below are some tips to aide you in selecting the perfect beats for your wedding: It isn’t necessary to develop the entire playlist on your own. Consult with your DJ who will listen to your tastes and preferences and help you build upon them.
1) Establish boundaries? Be frank by stating clearly what songs or genres you do not want played.
2) If you are unsure of what songs you want or don’t know where to begin, share a few songs with your DJ that are important to you and an experienced wedding DJ will get a quick sense of your tastes and build upon them.
3) Infuse some of your personal faves. Whether it’s Classic Rock or Motown, your DJ will know the perfect time to mix them into the set.
4) Another starting point is to begin with a theme or genre. If a blowout, upbeat party is what you’re striving for, say so. If you want more sentimental music, be clear and let your DJ know.
5) If complete control is what you want, get a clear sense of your guests who will be in attendance and what they are likely to respond to. This will require an investment of time on your part, but if you have the time and are willing, begin listening to music when you have the time and compile a playlist that you best feel will be pleasing to the ears of your guests.
6) Communicate with your DJ and be a team. A good wedding DJ will strive to be an extension of you and will go out of his or her way to spin beats that are sure to satisfy.