Retro’s Comeback

Retro music is trending at wedding receptions because it is nostalgic and because the music takes many of us back to a simpler period in our lives to include the music we grew up dancing to.  Not only are today’s younger set embracing retro music, your older guests know this music best and much of this music has remained popular for many generations.  Many of these songs are one-hit-wonders and can easily be incorporated into the mix that will make up your playlist.  Consider the following when going retro…

The Twist: Chubby Checker

Great Balls of Fire: Jerry Lee Lewis

Hound Dog: Elvis Presley

Stayin’ Alive: Bee Gees

Chapel of Love: The Dixie Cups

My Boyfriends’s Back: The Angels

We Go Together: Grease Soundtrack

Ice Ice Baby: Vanilla Ice

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