Experiencing an awesome night of dancing and fun is the flagship at any wedding reception, but attracting your diverse mix of guests to the dance floor can sometimes be a challenge.  Engage your guests with fun songs they will want to dance to.  Regardless of whether you have retained a band or a DJ, if you envision a packed dance floor, consider a playlist of songs that will encompass all in attendance and mix it up.  As the couple under the spotlight, you may undoubtedly have your own personal faves, but do they reflect the preferences of your guests?  In spite of the fact that it’s your day, your wedding reception isn’t necessarily the time to showcase your discerning tastes as the main entrée of music.  By all means, your personal favorites should be mixed in and a talented entertainer will know when to fit them in.  People love dancing to music that makes them feel good and to which they are familiar.  You may love Indie Rock, but will your guests flock to the dance floor to embrace this music?  Bottom line:  Plan accordingly with your entertainer and take your guests into consideration during this process and you will deliver an all inclusive event.