Want a packed dance floor at your wedding; dim the lights. Sound Advice From A Columbus Ohio Wedding DJ

If you want a packed dance floor at your wedding celebration; bank these tips.

Why the hang up with bright light?

Through my years of experience, I have come to discover that lighting will impact a dance floor almost to the same degree as the music, if not more.  Why is this so?  Think of the nightclubs you have ventured into with friends; was the dance floor brightly lit?  I doubt it.  There are definitely weddings that take place during the day and I have DJ’d my fair share and they are some of the most difficult if your goal is a packed dance floor.  A brightly lit dance floor is the culprit as most people are just not comfortable “doing their thing” in the midst of bright lights; perhaps because it makes them feel exposed and vulnerable.

If the bride and groom are embracing for their first dance and for parent dances, a brightly lit dance floor is a non-issue as all of your guests will welcome these dances and want to take pictures for which bright lights are an asset.  If a day time wedding is your only option, make sure your venue has the ability to dim lights and block natural lighting from flooding the room; this, of course, if your goal is to pack the dance floor with your favorite beats.  You may also check with your DJ for effect lighting to elevate the mood on the floor.   A dimmed room with effect lighting creates energy, passion and romance on a dance floor and will greatly entice your guests to participate in the dancing and fun.

If dimming the room for your daytime wedding just isn’t an option, accept this reality and know that if the music is good and your guests intend to have fun, there will still be a significant amount of dancing; it just might not be as wild as you have envisioned.  If your goal is to have a celebration where your guests dance the night away whereby bodies are in constant motion on the dance floor, entertain different options, secure a great DJ and go for effect lighting.  It also doesn’t hurt to have a bottoms up attitude on the alcohol.