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Katie Breckler, CESP

Vocational Specialist

Katie provides coaching services to participants in Assessments, Work Adjustments, and Job Coaching. She has many years of training and teaching others.

Barb Burkhardt, CESP

Vocational Specialist

Barb began her career with PiE, Inc., in December 2000. Barb has worked the field of job development throughout many of the counties in Northwest Ohio, building relationships with many area businesses and managers. Barb has great expertise in working with individuals through their journey to employment and working with employers in meeting their staff needs. (3 years of college studying Business and Education, over 20 years of related experience)

James Garrison, CESP

Vocational Specialist

James provides coaching services to participants in Assessments, Work Adjustments, and Job Coaching. James has many years of management experience.

Linsey Hollingshead, CESP

Operations Director

Linsey has worked with PIE, Inc. since July 1996. She has worked in the office and provided job coaching, long term supports, job development, tutoring, and vocational testing throughout Northwest Ohio. She continues to provide these services when it is in the best interest of the person served. Linsey has a vision for seeing all individuals with disabilities that want to work in the community provided that opportunity. (MS in Statistics, 19 years of related experience)

Roxie Hollingshead

Executive Director

Roxie founded PARTNERS in Employment, Inc. in February 1996. Having worked in the field since the early 1970’s, Roxie was instrumental in bringing Supported Employment services to Northwest Ohio. Roxie continues to monitor services and provide continual training for all staff, whether service provider or office worker, to ensure services are delivered with quality and integrity. Roxie firmly believes in providing an excellent service to individuals with disabilities, their families, counselors, and employers. (3 years studying Education/Business Administration, over 35 years of related experience)

Sarah Hollingshead

Billing Specialist

Jennifer “JJ” Japs-Daggett

Long Term Supports Job Coach

JJ provides ongoing employment supports to individuals with disabilities. JJ plays a critical role in ensuring individuals with disabilities are given the opportunity to work in the community and the right amount of support is provided for the individual to be successfully employed. (7 years of related experience)

Wendy Jennings, CESP

Vocational Specialist

Wendy provides job development, coaching, and personal adjustment services to participants. Wendy joined our team in October 2015. She has excellent experience in management and training student groups on the job. Wendy is highly skilled in building rapport with employers and creatively teaching work ethic.

Kristen Kime, LSW, CESP

LTS Director

Kristen began her career with PiE, Inc., in September 2005. She came with experience in serving individuals with disabilities and substance abuse issues. Kristen has relationships with employers that spans many counties. Combining her skills as a social worker and experience as a job developer, Kristen provides vocational testing throughout all the counties PiE, Inc. serves. Kristen also manages PiE’s Long Term Supports Program, providing much needed support services to individuals in order to maintain community employment. (LSW, BS in Social Work, over 20 years of related experience)

Helena Morris

Program Specialist

Helena began working at PIE in October 2013. Her duties started with quality assurance and program evaluation and have evolved to include assisting individuals learn their job tasks. Helena is skilled at educating employers to understand an individual’s strengths and changing a position as needed to use that person’s strengths. (Masters of Education in Administration, 11 years of related experience)

Julie Ransom, CESP

Office Coordinator

Julie began working with PIE, Inc. in October 2012. Having just moved from Kentucky, she quickly learned her duties and has been a huge asset to PIE, Inc. ever since. Julie stays on top of our services and ensures that reports are sent out to counselors in a timely manner. (BS in Management and Ethics, over 8 years of related experience)

Buddy Rossow, CESP

Vocational Specialist, Human Resources

Buddy started his career at PiE, Inc. in July 2013. His prior experience included working with adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Buddy has fostered relationships with various employers in many of the counties in Northwest Ohio. He excels at assisting an individual find the right job, coaching them to learn their duties, and tutoring in various subjects. (Masters of Human Resources and Labor Relations, 14 years of related experience)

Stephanie Snyder

Billing Specialist

Brenda Stuckey

Long Term Supports Job Coach

Brenda has been providing coaching and long term supports with PiE, Inc. since April 1997. Currently, she provides ongoing assistance to individuals with community employment. Providing regular, predictable support each month has helped these individuals maintain community employment for up to 15 years and counting. (AA in Human Services, over 20 years of related experience)

Andy Tafelski, CRC, CWIC

Benefits Specialist

Andy began his career with PiE, Inc. in June 2009 after many years serving as a BSVI counselor with OOD. Andy has been assisting individuals with disabilities for many, many years. With PiE, he provides assistance in understanding how employment will affect your SSI, SSDI and other entitlement benefits. Andy can provide this service specific to one individual, providing a comprehensive report specific to that individual’s need or in a group setting, such as providing information to parents of older youths that are beginning their community employment careers. (Masters of Rehab Counseling, over 35 years of related experience)

Summer Youth Coaches

Summer Youth Coaches

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