Individual Services
PARTNERS in Employment, Inc. was established to assist individuals to find a job and keep a job. We help individuals determine a career path with Community-Based Assessments, Career Exploration, and Vocational Evaluations. PiE, Inc. assists in writing a resume, interviewing, finding job leads, networking and more with Job Development services. Our Job Coaching services assist individuals in learning job duties by putting a job coach right alongside the individual.

With Long Term Supports, we continue to check in with individuals at regular intervals to make sure everything continues okay at the job. Clinical Services assist individuals coping with the emotional and mental stresses that come from working and balancing work with a personal life. Our Other Services fill in the gaps with drug testing, background checks, benefits analysis (to see how SSI and/or SSDI will be affected by working), and Visually-Impaired Consultations (for individuals wanting to know more about accommodations). Our aim is to help you find work and to keep you working!

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Community-Based Assessments 
Career Exploration 
Vocational Evaluations 
Job Development 
Job Coaching
Long Term Support 
Other Services 
Private Counseling 

Employer Services
PARTNERS in Employment, Inc.
was established to assist individuals in finding a job and keeping a job. We recognize the need employers have for individuals that can meet their staffing needs. PiE, Inc. strives to learn an employer’s needs and provide them with qualified candidates.

Understanding the needs of employers goes beyond just hiring, PiE, Inc. offers additional services to employers as well.

A Source for Employees 
Drug-Free Workplace Training 
Employee Assistance Program 
Additional Services