Services for Employers

PARTNERS in Employment, Inc. was established to assist individuals in finding a job and keeping a job. We recognize the need employers have for individuals that can meet their staffing needs. PiE, Inc. strives to learn an employer’s needs and provide them with qualified candidates.

Understanding the needs of employers goes beyond just hiring, PiE, Inc. offers additional services to employers as well.

A Source for Employees
PARTNERS in Employment, Inc.
recognizes the important role that businesses play in employing individuals.  PiE, Inc. appreciates the relationships it has built with area employers, providing them with a source of qualified potential employees.  PiE, Inc. assists organizations in hiring individuals with disabilities by alleviating the fears and misconceptions that surround people with disabilities and helping to support the business with their new hire.

Business Supports that may be available:

Hiring an individual with a disability typically allows employers to take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

The individual may qualify for Job Coaching, which is provided free to both employer and individual. Job Coaching assists in the training of the individual which can alleviate some of the burden that training can be for any new hire.

Depending on available funding, reasonable accommodations such as a new or different tool, a software program, or other item may be purchased by a funding source specifically for an individual to better perform their job duties.

Additional Services
With our years of experience meeting employers’ needs and assisting individuals find jobs, we understand the demands of recruiting and training new employees. We offer the services below to help you meet those demands.

Consultation Service
Consultation services can be provided to address accommodation issues for your employees with special needs.

Orientation Services
Orientation Services are an effective method of obtaining employees. You will receive support with Tax Credit Eligibility, help with application and reference processing.

Applicant Screening Services
Applicant Screening Services helps employers learn useful techniques for pre-employment screening in order to match the best applicant to the job.

On-the-Job Training Services
On-The-Job Training Services will provide proven effective training assistance, a better-trained workforce, and help addressing performance issues of challenging employees.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us at our Defiance location (419) 784-9828 and ask for Roxie.